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Hey, I just wanted to mention a problem that I solved, but I think it still might be misterious to some people. 

I noticed that my comment section on YouTube (only on pc, using Chrome) disappeared. Didn't even think it might be because of AdBlock! I think option called "block annoyances on youtube" is highly misleading. Just clicked it to see if it helps - and it did - but I wish it just said it blocks the comment section, which isn't an annoyance for most of users, it's a super valid future of YouTube. I actually was annoyed by the lack of it (lol)

All I ask of you, is to put it clearer for users of AdBlock, beacause I was ready to contact YouTube about it and it was none of their fault. 

I will keep using AdBlock because it's great, but just wanted to adress this issue.

Thank you

Thank you for your efforts!

Hi goldn toys,

That's a great tip, thanks for sharing it! We generally use whatever description the list authors provide. I agree, this one is a little confusing. I'll see if we can make the description of the list a little clearer in AdBlock's options.

Warm regards,

Rhana Cassidy

AdBlock Community Manager

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