Fake donation request?

Two days ago I got a message from "adBlock", asking for a donation. 

I payed some money to the name "Benjamin Dijsselbloem" with the email address "lemonandrice@gmail.com".

I didn't get any mail from this person after I donated, which made me suspicious.

Has anyone any knowledge of this? 


  • Hi Torrobin44,

    That wasn't us. I found a Benjamin Dijsselbloem on LinkedIn, not sure it's the same person. Lemonrice, however, is the developer of a Firefox extension called Video Blocker. It's the same email address, lemonandrice@gmail.com. Maybe that's who sent you the message.

    If you confirm that's where the donation request originated, I recommend you send a follow-up email to that address. If you still get no reply, you might want to report the developer to Mozilla.

    Good luck. I hope everything works out all right!

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hey there!

    I find it a bit strange that you came across that one, because I noticed the "Video Blocker" add-on for Firefox was last Updated on 15th August 2016 - which is almost two years ago - and the Opera version has been untouched since 15th July 2015 yet on Chrome the last Update was on 20th May 2018.

    I'm not saying that it's a dodgy extension or that there's anything wrong with it - partly because this is the first time I've ever heard of it - but it does seem odd that support for two out of three Browsers appears to have been "abandoned" by its Developer and a request like that suddenly appears.

    I can't really give a detailed opinion on something like that because I don't know enough about it though.

    I can't decide what Chrome Extensions you should and should not use as that's your choice rather than mine. However if you are concerned about it, then you can easily Uninstall them.

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