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Pay with Credit Card


I see yoiu have options to pay with credit card and paypal...

When will you accept the cryptocurrency XRP ?

  • Hi Juliocesar,

    We're glad you want to support our work. We really appreciate it, and we're happy you're enjoying AdBlock! We have no plans at this time to accept payment in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. (Our Bitcoin wallet address is 13HEYMsooq1kFtbT5eK7HijAPgF6EaBGNe.)


    You can still support us by giving AdBlock a good review in your browser's extension store. You can also tell all your friends about AdBlock! There are a lot of copycats out there. Be sure to tell them to get it from our website,, so they get the right one. :)

    Stay awesome,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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