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adblock but keep the ads

so, in essence, it would be ad block but it doesn't block adds but you still have the block an ad feature so you could remove pesky parts of a page without removing the ads. this would be for pages that need the ad revenue but you don't like how they look and want to remove parts of their design so it isn't annoying. for example, lets say you have a page with three parts; one ad, one text, and one annoying sidebar, with this option you could make it get rid of the sidebar but not the ad so it doesn't harm the website and is just useful in helping to view pages. maybe im insane but it seems like a useful idea to me.

  • Hi Grant,

    Thanks for that suggestion. You can do it now, in fact, any time you like! Here's how:

    If you don't want to block ads anywhere, open the FILTER LISTS tab in AdBlock's options and unsubscribe from all filter lists. (If you want to block ads on selected sites, please see How do I tell AdBlock NOT to block ads? in our Knowledge Base.) That leaves all of AdBlock's remaining functionality intact, including the manual blocking wizard. :)

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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