Hello from Colorado

 Just wanted to offer an encouraging word for the work you guys do. The increasing number of web pages that require that AdBlock be turned off shows you're doing something right. I find it invaluable.

 I'm grateful that I've been able to increase the amount of money I can contribute and will to continue to give what I can.



  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks so much for your continuing support! What I like to call "sustaining partners" are the lifeblood of AdBlock. You mean the world to us!

    In fact, I'd love to send you a little token of our appreciation. Would you feel comfortable giving me your mailing address in a private email to help@getadblock.com? I promise we will never, ever use it for anything else.

    By the way, we have some suggestions for those sites that require you to turn off AdBlock.

    You. Are. Awesome!

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hey o/

    It's awesome to hear that you love AdBlock so much - it was the first Google Chrome extension I ever installed and I've loved it since. I actually Donate to the project via a special version that I call Project Sprint and you might like it once it's released!

    As an AdBlock Superfan myself, I've often helped out by reporting Bugs and suggesting new Ideas for AdBlock, which has also earned me a token. You might want to accept it because the one I have is something you cannot get anywhere else (it did cost Rhana about $25 to mail it to the UK though, so that's 5 years worth of Project Sprint!) :D

    Whether you're a SuperDonator, or a SuperFan Bug Hunter like me, it all helps. Thank you so much!


    AdBlock SuperFan/Bug Hunter

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