Whitelist a site with AdBlock for Mobile on iOS

Hi support team, https://help.getadblock.com/support/solutions/articles/6000151096-can-i-whitelist-a-site-in-adblock-on-my-iphone-or-ipad- is wrong. I do not know if you developed the app for iOS 10 or earlier and such a feature did not exist then but I know this works in iOS 11. One can tap on the square which has an arrow going outwards and then choose the adblocker to add the currently visiting page to the whitelist. The app 1blocker has this feature and it works. Theoretically the app adguard has also this feature but somehow this does not work fully (error message but added on whitelist - somehow reloading filters & page does not work immediately). But at least 1blocker shows it works with reloading. It would be great if you could add a similar feature. Gracefully, Niels Büttner

  • I'm an Android fan myself so I can't easily check this, but I would be happy to add my thoughts.

    From reading the AdBlock KB Article it sounds like this idea wasn't possible to put in "properly" because of limits that Safari had in iPhone OS 1 (the original name for iOS since iOS isn't an Apple Trademark - Cisco has it with Cisco IOS for Tech History fans!) through to iOS 10 (Apple didn't help with that very much then!).

    But it might be possible to do it now - especially if other Apps can - so I think it's worth taking a look once again :)

  • Niels is right. At the time we released our iOS app, it wasn't possible to whitelist sites. We've been devoting most of our resources to our desktop extensions. I'll bring this idea up when we're able to turn To our mobile apps. :)


    :) Rhana

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