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I would like to contribute using cryptocurrency


I'm a holder of bitcoin/ethereum and more recently Nano, I believe one of the developers of Paypal has also created a website on how to make instant, feeless, transfers from all over the world

Twitch has already started accepting crypto donations using gateways like

There's also a massive reddit community for this

Hope you include crypto payments at some point in the future.

Hi Rana,

Thanks for that information! We recently started accepting Bitcoin payments. We don't publicize it much yet because so few people are using cryptocurrencies. If you'd like to pay for AdBlock using Bitcoin, here's our wallet address: 13HEYMsooq1kFtbT5eK7HijAPgF6EaBGNe

I've passed your suggestions to our team as well. We're always looking for ways to make donating easier!

Stay awesome,

Rhana Cassidy

AdBlock Community Manager

 I want to contribute w/ ETH. has a super free & easy interface that I can walk you through if interested. 

Hi Josh,

Thanks! I'll check with our team to see if we can accept the way-cool-named Ethereum and get back to you.

Warm regards,

Rhana Cassidy

AdBlock Community Manager

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