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Can you mask AdBlock?

Can you mask AdBlock so websites don't know we are using it? I hate being asked to turn off AdBlock.

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  • Hi CJ,

    We get how frustrating that is! Unfortunately, it isn't really possible to hide the fact that you're using an ad blocker. We have some other suggestions that can help, however. Please see this article in our Knowledge Base: A site is forcing me to turn off AdBlock

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • From my perspective, the concept is possible to prevent a website from knowing a client is running an adblocker. Aside from the possibility that the server is able to detect Adblock running, it is really none of their f*cking business, so I say spoof the client browser status (I can't see any legal issues there as it only blocks the gathering of data on the server against visiting clients) and allow the server ads to be downloaded (who cares about a little bandwidth at this point?) and overlay a blind over the ad box.

  • Hi C,

    As a matter of fact, that's the way ad blockers work. If it isn't possible to prevent an ad from being downloaded, we hide it. As you say, there's no bandwidth savings. It just keeps the ad off the page. But there are a lot of ways a website can tell that an ad is being hidden even if it isn't being blocked.

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hey there!

    I do have ways to help "force through" the Anti-AdBlock warnings, but at the moment some of my own countermeasures are a bit broken (good thing I took a backup before they broke!).

    I'll need to chat with Rhana before I can promote them again, as I'm not sure how it could be done.

    Matthew aka Blastoise186

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