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Consider accepting Litecoin as a form of donation!

Hey there! Recently the donation page popped up when the extension updated and I saw it was lacking a Litecoin option to pay you guys with! Just wanted to suggest adding this crypto payment. Fast, low low fees, and easy to do, just throw your guys' LTC address somewhere on the page and watch the donations roll in :D Thanks for your awesome extension by the way! 

  • Hey David,

    Thanks for the suggestion! We recently started accepting Bitcoin payments. We don't publicize it much because so few people are using cryptocurrencies.

    I'm not familiar enough with cryptocurrencies to know the difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin. If they're compatible and you'd like to pay by Bitcoin, here's our wallet address: 13HEYMsooq1kFtbT5eK7HijAPgF6EaBGNe

    Ah, if only 'twere true that donations would roll in by any means... :D

    Thanks so much for your support, David. We appreciate you!!

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hey David and Rhana,

    I don't use Cryptocurrencies myself, but from my understanding most of them aren't generally "compatible" with each other and a payment system that accepts Bitcoin for example, will probably choke if you tried to use Etherium or Litecoin instead.

    I'm told that there are ways to "convert" funds from one Cryptocurrency to another, and apparently some services exist which will do this for you.

    However I'm afraid I can't really point you towards any particular service as the AdBlock Forums aren't ideal for promoting them and user safety is something I have to consider, so you'll need to research them yourself (sorry!).

    Please be advised that using them is at your own risk and neither myself (as an AdBlock user) or the AdBlock Team can help you if something goes wrong e.g. the conversion service collapses and your entire Bitcoin Wallet and 9999 Bitcoin it holds becomes toast.

    I hope that helps you both!


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