Multiple requests to pay for AdBlock. (or alternatively; Does Ad Block need an Ad Block - Blocker to block its own Ad?

I have signed up to Ad Block and paid an annual sub, twice this year. I like the service and consider it worth paying for twice (I use it on a work machine as well as at home (hence paying twice by my own choice). I always do the payment when logged into my Google account and the Ad Block icon is present in my Ad-Ons bar. Despite all of this, on both PC's I use my account on, I receive repeated requests to contribute financially to help Ad Block. Can you get around this request for funds showing up all the time. I know you can skip past it, but I think the issue is deeper than an inconvenience thing... Why? Because, if you pay for a service by a one-off (well once per year) payment, (whether voluntarily or required), and then you see the same service asking for another payment, your initial thought is almost always going to be, "... it looks like they didn't get my payment, because, surely nobody would present you with a bill for an annual service, if you've already paid!"

While writing this note, an Ad Block website-generated panel has appeared against my [Topic title *] It says; Matching Topics Found... However, it seems to refer to an issue for Firefox, which is one browser that I don't use, or even have, and I've never had it on either of the two machines referred to above.

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  • HI Eddie,

    What you're describing isn't a feature that's missing from AdBlock. It's a sign that something isn't working properly. You should only ever see our payment page when AdBlock is first installed. I'm going to convert this post to a ticket so that we can do some troubleshooting with you in private. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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