Great Product! - Also suggestion.

Excellent extension, great product!

Personally, I consider ads a complete violation to my person and privacy, and I'd much prefer if the websites just stuck their balls out and asked for donations instead of making money off of visitation.

I take internet anonymity very seriously, I even made my own VPN which bounces my IP off of several hundred computers in the Middle East; it's a really cool program. But back to ads... 

When you're in a hotel, the people don't get paid when you walk in the door, they are paid when you rent a room. Ads are a violation because when you go to a website, if it's a free service, it's a free service and you shouldn't be inconvenienced by such rabble. Id rather pay the money for the usage instead of being prodded by useless advertising for products that I wouldn't buy in a million years.

This product is obviously the best in the market. The configuration option where you can block advertisements that aren't blocked in the first round is just genius. The full time programmers should be highly commended for their genius and skill.

If I could offer a huge suggestion, seeing as how the extension can manipulate the images you see on your screen, can it perhaps add cosmetics? Such as fun patterns for dull sites, or colors instead of white. Being able to color different parts of the website. The honor system is a genius idea, because everyone seems compelled to donate seeing as you trust us so much. Obviously, I don't speak for the whole internet, but I think that I represent a decent portion. Perhaps this cosmetic thing could be a monthly donation. I suggest nothing more than five dollars a month.

I want to see this extension grow, maybe more than it should. I hope it does. I also wish that there were some perks for donation. I know that it's an honor system and all, but there should be something reserved for hardened donors instead of freeloaders. 

Thanks again for the amazing product!


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  • Hi MonkeySlap,

    We're so happy you're enjoying AdBlock! Thanks for your suggestion. As a matter of fact, we are working on exactly the perk you're thinking of. It's not quite ready for release yet. Would you like us to let you know when it's available? We'd love to know what you think.

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • You know, that kind of suggestion is something that I really think would be epic to see in AdBlock! As an AdBlock PowerUser I'm sure I'd make some really cool things happen with the number of Blocked Ads I blast through each day :D I'm not one of the team, but I am a regular here!

    If you do see any Ads that aren't already blocked, feel free to check out this guide on where to start

    Even better, if you find a way to block such pests, start with guide to help get it reported. If the Wizard asks you to send it over to a Filter List Maintainer, you can find details for many of them here

    There is something else that's really cool that I've been testing out, hopefully that comes out soon too.

    @Rhana by the way, the Bug I reported in #19907 is fixed in the latest update, Project Sprint is behaving a lot more smoothly now :)

  • Hey Matthew,

    Glad to hear our update is working for you!

    :) Rhana

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