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Risulta sempre attivo

Lo disinstallo però per alcuni siti risulta attivo,perchè? Grazie

It looks like this was written in Italian, so here's a Translation from Google Translate (it might be a bit rough, sorry!)

"I uninstall it, however, for some sites it is active, why? Thank you"

One of these might help

While I'm thinking about it though, I wonder if @Rhana can get some of the most popular and "hot tips" the KB Articles translated into other languages?

Google Translate is good for quick one line checks, but I don't think it would really work that well for the entire AdBlock KB.

Hi Matthew and Christian,

Thanks for the assist! I converted Christian's post to a ticket and answered him there. My goal is to reserve the Feature Requests forum for feature requests and move what are really requests for help into our ticketing system.

In Christian's case, I think the article he was looking for is

There are a couple of ways to get a localized version of our Knowledge Base. One is to have the articles translated. That costs money, and since I often revise our articles when I get new information, we'd be paying for a lot of re-translating.

The other is to use Google Translate. That's free, although as you discovered, quality can be a problem. We're going to be a doing a full overhaul of our KB next year. One of my goals is to rewrite articles to be easier to translate. That will help to make sure the Google Translate results are as good as they can be. Our support platform also has a Google Translate widget that translates articles in-place, without having to paste the text into a Google Translate tab. I can't turn it on until the articles are rewritten with translation in mind.

So, long story short: Article translation is coming, one way or another, next year. Yay!

:) Rhana

AdBlock Community Manager

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