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(Solution) I turned off AdBlock (or I don't have an ad blocker) but a site still asks me to turn off my ad blocker

Please don't waste your time to read this article because it's 100% not working if you follow the given methods.

My solution is very simple, if you have installed Kaspersky Internet Security, please switch off Anti-Banner in the Protection settings.

(297 KB)

Hi junclj,

Thanks for that suggestion! You may have missed it, but it's already in the article. :)


Warm regards,


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Hey there,

To be fair, you probably don't need to use Kaspersky Anti-Banner if you're already using AdBlock or any of the other Ad-Blockers out there.

It's like having two Jack Russell Terriers in the house - They just don't get on with each other unfortunately...

But I will give you something else that's useful. Try this page:

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the assist as always!

:) Rhana

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