Backup all adblock settings, blocked sites, allowed sites etc..

Is there a way to save my settings to the cloud, so if I log in to chrome with adblock on another computer, I don't have to reconfigure everything while I browse? 

Tampermonkey has this feature - all I have to do is import all my scripts from google drive and I'm good to go.

Would be a really nice feature to have.


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  • Hi Gatzkerob,

    Thanks for that suggestion! We have a way to do this, at least in part, right now. You can save your custom filters as a personal filter list that AdBlock can get to anywhere you are.

    We're working on a way to synchronize your remaining AdBlock settings, too. Watch for updates. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Great! Looking forward to this feature, thank you Rhana.

  • Hi Gatzkerob,

    I love to hear these stories of when others love AdBlock so much - I've been using it myself since it first launched on Chrome around 2008 and I've never looked back! Naturally of course, that means I do have a lot of Custom Filters, Settings, Subscribed Filters etc that I've built up over the years...

    One thing I can definitely say right now though, is that Chrome Sync will automatically install AdBlock on any computer you log into Chrome with, as long as at least one of your Chrome Sync enabled computers has AdBlock installed and you've enabled the Sync Extensions option (or Sync Everything) like so:


    ProTip: A quick way to get to that page is at  


    I've put this link in a special box to prevent accidents, but you can copy/paste this if you'd like to use it.

    As it happens I do know about the new developments Rhana mentioned in her reply, and it's something I've been testing out myself over the last few months. Chrome Sync can't copy AdBlock settings over like it can with your Bookmarks/Favourites but it will install AdBlock when you sign into another computer

    I'd rather wait for Rhana to "officially" reveal what the new developments are, but as Rhana hinted the thing I've been testing out may well be useful to you :)

  • Gatzkerob and Matthew: :)


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  • Any chance for an updated guide on this matter #2019 ? and prefferably a guide with a bit more details and examples for this backup thing
    I tried the method above with Google Drive, but it still won't work for me, I have no idea why :\
    having your whitelisted sites being backedup is a really cool thing but too bad i havent found out yet how to make it work ;\

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  • Hi, Alex,

    We're still working on adding a sync feature to AdBlock. It's available now in AdBlock Premium Gold:

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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