How foe remove TR by author?

I don't know how to remove table row based on row author...

Here is sample code:


    <td class="threadTitle">

        <a href="temat_7-06-2017...........">7.06.2017 ..........</a>


    <td class="threadAuthor textNowrap">

        Sample Author Name


    <td class="threadCount textAlignCenter textNowrap">

            <span class="icon">3</span>


    <td class="createDate textAlignCenter textNowrap">

        2017-11-10 18:43


I want to remove whole row if  threadAuthor="Sample Author Name"

Can you help me with this?


  • Hi Anna,

    I wish we could, but this is outside our bailiwick. :)

    Try asking your question on, where lots of developers of all kinds tend to hang out.

    Good luck!


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