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Absolutely love adblock to start with, have recommenced to freakin everyone i know and put it on many a persons pc without them knowing to. I would like to suggest that a little option be added to the 'right click' menu of the hotkey button that shows on chrome, "Disable temperately", ie for half hour or couple as it's a lil hastle having to disable the extension when i need a link to open a tab.

Many thanks if this would be possible  

  • Hi Troy,

    Thanks for your suggestion! We're working on some new options for pausing AdBlock. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterand AdBlock's Blog for updates!

    Thanks also for your support! We appreciate it when our fans spread the word about AdBlock to their friends. It's a good idea to get your friends' permission before you install AdBlock on their computers, however. We've gotten nasty notes from folks who found AdBlock installed without their knowledge and blamed us instead of well-meaning friends.

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

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