Open blockable items missing in Firefox why?

 Can't fix my own issues. When I updated filters automatically

it decided blocking a button to log in to a website comment section via Google was a goo idea. Facebook button Yahoo button still there but only google button gone.

The I go to Adblock icon and I cant even look at what filter might be doing it.

Asinine is the only the way to describe this recent and stupid change.

  • Hi Jimmy,

    AdBlock for Firefox 3.6.0, our most recent release, still includes the "Show all requests" feature on the AdBlock menu. It was never called "Open blockable items." Are you perhaps thinking of Adblock Plus? ABP is an unrelated product developed by a different company.

    If something is missing on a web page, the most likely culprit is one of your filter lists. Try disabling all of them, then reload the page and see if the missing thing comes back. If it does, re-enable your filter lists one by one, reloading the page after each, until you find the one that causes the thing to disappear again. Then report the issue to the list authors so that it can be fixed. Contact information for the list authors is in our Knowledge Base.

    Hope this helps!


    AdBlock Community Manager

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