Performance fix - load ad block AFTER the home page

I have noticed when I open my browser, I see a message saying - waiting for extension AdBlock.  It sometimes sits there for several seconds - presumably loading site lists or something.  My home page is in the exclusion list and should never be checked.  It would be great if adbock would allow the browser to load, then lazy load the site lists so I don't have to wait so long when my browser starts - especially since the first page will never be filtered.

  • Hi Tshippy,

    Thanks for your suggestion! As you suspect, AdBlock (along with all your other extensions) starts fetching the data it needs as soon as your browser opens. In AdBlock's case, a big part of what it needs is the contents of the filter lists you're subscribed to. Until it loads them, it doesn't know what resources to block or hide and what pages, if any, to exclude.

    We're trying to maintain a balance between making you wait for the browser to get up and running and failing to block ads on the first couple of pages you open. We've chosen to err on the side of "block more ads faster." :)

    If the delay is really frustrating you, one workaround is to make sure you're subscribed to only the filter lists you absolutely need. Every additional filter list slows you down a tiny bit, particularly on startup when all the filter rules are being downloaded into memory.

    We'll keep your suggestion in mind, however. We're always looking for ways to improve AdBlock's performance!

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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