It would be great if it was possible to disable and enable ADBLOCK with one key or a combination of keys. since there are sites that do not allow the expansion of ADBLOCK to work and close all the content. 


The topic was written through a, so do not judge strictly =)

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  • Привет, Романчиханов


    Спасибо за вашу идею! Мы рассматриваем эту функцию для будущего обновления.


    Кстати, вам не нужно извиняться за использование Google Translate! Мы тоже его используем. :)



    Менеджер сообщества

    Hello, Romanchikhanov


    Thank you for your idea! We are considering this function for future updates.


    By the way, you do not need to apologize for using Google Translate! We also use it. :)



    Community Manager

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