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Thanks and Respect

Ads are poison. You guys rock. 

You are also the first organisation I've donated money to voluntarily in my life. Keep up the good work! A lot of people's sanity depends on it!

Hi Fang4643,

Thanks for your support! On behalf of the AdBlock team, we feel pretty honored right now. Hopefully, we won't be the last organization you donate to. :D

YOU rock.

Stay awesome!


AdBlock Community Manager

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Best 20 bucks I ever spent haha, & I'm terrible w money. Looking forward to contributing more. Like Fang4643 said, "ads are poison" I understand why we have ads, people can make a living, but if there's a great service out there like Adblock, you better be sure I'm gonna use it! Cheers

Hey Doran,

Thanks so much! :)


AdBlock Community Manager

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