Adblock + antirevoke

Is there anyway to get them work together If I add “” to the blocked domains in Adblock app will that work ? And prevent revoking ? I don’t want to pay for the app to discover that it’s not gonna work

  • Hi Jon,

    I'm not familiar with AntiRevoke. I'll check with our developers and get back to you on that. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi Rhana, It looks like it's something for iOS devices, though I'm an Android fan myself so I can't test these things. I've found more information on it, but I'd rather discuss that via Support Ticket
  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for looking into it. If the information you found is related to Jon's request, please go ahead and share it here. It will help to have the whole discussion in the same place. Thanks!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Thanks, you'll find a copy of it in #17368 as well if you need it - please check there too for more details.

    I've copied the relevant parts over here:

    I've had a look at some information on "Anti-Revoke" - it's available on iOS and appears to use a VPN like some of the Ad Blockers, though BetaFish AdBlock doesn't use one, so wouldn't be affected.

    This would make it impossible to use at this time with certain Ad Blockers (depending on the one you use), as it's not possible to use two VPN's at once.

  • Thanks, Matthew!

    :) Rhana

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