Not Taken / son 24 saatte ne oldu auto playing annoying videos

This can be added to annoyances list. 

At news pages within some videos auto start with sound on when scrolled without any permission. site does not offer the option to start them muted or never start which is causing great annoyance. Blocking using "block an ad on the page" function hides the video but it is loaded in the background and its sound keeps coming.

Can you find a way to add this to "annoyances list"? 

example url: 

just scroll down...

  • Hi Cagatay,

    We don't maintain the filter lists ourselves. You're welcome to ask the list authors to add a filter for the site's auto-playing videos. They may or may not do it, but it doesn't hurt to ask. You can reach them through the EasyList forums.

    In the meantime (or if they don't add a filter to the list), we found instructions for how to stop auto-playing videos right in your browser. :)

    Hope this helps!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Looks like this also affects me even with countermeasures.

    This one looks like a job for the folks at EasyList, I have a forum account there, so I'll let them know.

  • Thanks, Matthew!

    Keep in mind that if the auto-playing videos are not ads, the list authors won't be interested. Their focus is pretty strictly limited to ads.


    AdBlock Community Manager

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