I went on the Internet, and I found this...

Hey Rhana!

I definitely love using AdBlock and "Project Sprint", and I can now report that I've already blocked 58,365 Ads with Project Sprint alone - and that's just from over the Summer from the end of July to now!

I don't have the stats from my old AdBlock Free setup anymore as those didn't carry over when I upgraded, but I think the final count from my AdBlock Free install was around 5.8 million Ads Blocked since 2008 just for me alone.

I've not seen the AdBlock Chrome bug you mentioned on Twitter with Project Sprint 

But there is one thing I wanted to share that I recently noticed...

I went on the Internet and I found this:

It's from 2015 and it was released on the AdBlock YT Channel. There's never been anything else posted there though... It's also shown on the CWS listing for AdBlock Free ;)

Perhaps it's time to wake up that channel?

btw, according to the Chrome Web Store, Project Sprint already has 83,393 users :)

  • Hi Matthew,

    Those ad counts are both gratifying and horrifying. Gratifying in that it's great to know AdBlock (free and Premium) has blocked that many ads for you, but horrifying that websites have tried to foist that many ads on you!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video. They're expensive, which is why we've only been able to have the one made. Maybe someday we'll be able to do some video tutorials that we can post on our YouTube channel.

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • That's why I love AdBlock so much!

    Here's another way to number crunch my stats:

    If you think about it, everything I do on the internet uses up data. That has to get to me somehow, and there's only so much I can squeeze down my broadband connection at the same time.

    My current AdBlock Premium A.K.A. "Project Sprint" statcounter now shows 59,716 Ads Blocked since 24th July 2017 - the date that I switched from AdBlock Free to AdBlock Premium. That's another 1,351 blocks in just 24 hours!

    Assuming that the average Ad takes up about 4.5 MB data, my count of 59,716 is the same as 268,722 MB or 262,4 GB of savings - that's enough to fill 56 DVD's!

    Even more than that, my total count of 5.8 million makes for 26,100,000 MB or 25,488 GB data saved since 2008 - or 5,423 DVD's!

    That video has now had 1,478,843 views since 23rd November 2015 - that's a huge amount of reach too ;)

    AdBlock Free has too many users for the Chrome Web Store to show on the listing, but it does show 83,370 users of AdBlock Premium - so that's quite a lot of data saved across the web! And that's just Chrome!

    I can't possibly even imagine how to calculate that many savings!

  • Hi Matthew,

    As a matter of fact, we did a similar calculation ourselves not too long ago. Here's what we came up with after crunching the numbers. We help a typical user avoid seeing roughly 200 ads every day. With 60 million users, that's the digital equivalent of 10 Libraries of Congress or one-tenth of the entire Internet every year!

    smh :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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