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Idea - If a user closes a tab within 1 second, open to add to blacklist

Hi, I still find I get a lot of ads on new domains that haven't been added to any of the lists i'm subscribed to.

I'd love to be able to just click one or two buttons to add the domain the tab  I just closed to my blacklist (If I only just closed it)

  • Hey there,

    The best place to report unblocked ads is with the folks at EasyList

    You can also block Ads from the AdBlock mini menu - use the "Block an ad on this page" button for that.

    Also, did you turn on the Acceptable Ads list? That one tends to overrule all others, if you turn that one off most ads should vanish again.

  • Hi Mai and Matthew,

    Mai, thanks for your suggestion! I don't think it's possible, however. The extension knows which website you're visiting when you open a tab, but we don't keep your browsing history. Unlike the browser itself, when you close a tab, AdBlock has no way to go back to it.

    Matthew is right (thanks, Matthew!). First go through our troubleshooting steps for unblocked ads. If you determine the ads just haven't been added to the filter lists yet, you have two options. Sometimes you can block an ad manually, just for yourself. Many ads are too sophisticated for our little blocking wizard to handle. In that case, the best thing to do is report them to the filter list authors. They may be able to add new filters that will block the ads for everyone.

    Hope this helps!


    AdBlock Community Manager

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