add Alipay or WeChat Pay

i'm a Chinese user, and i like this software,but i found it's inconvenient for donation ways, please consider to add alipay or wechat pay, so that i can make an effort to support u

  • Hi Cong Sun,

    We're happy you're enjoying AdBlock. Thanks for wanting to support our work! We're looking into offering additional ways to donate, including AlipayPlease follow our social media pages (FacebookTwitter, or Google+and AdBlock's Blog for announcements!

    In the meantime, you can still support us by giving AdBlock a good review in your browser's extension store. You can also tell all your friends about AdBlock! There are a lot of copycats out there. Be sure to tell them to get it from our website,, so they get the right one. :)

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi Cong Sun,

    As you suggested, we are preparing to start allowing Chinese AdBlock users to donate to us using Alipay. I have included a link below to show you how we have implemented it. If you don't mind taking a look and letting me know if that works for you, it would be helpful to get your perspective since we don't have any employees in China and cannot test this ourselves.

    Please don't feel pressure to donate, I just want you to check and see if the donation Alipay button works for you and makes sense. Here's the link:


  • Hi Matt (good name!),

    I'm in the UK myself and don't know any language other than English. However, a quick test using Chrome Incognito Mode seems to be working fine. Even with AdBlock Premium, Ghostery and Tampermonkey with the It's Not Important and AAK-Cont Userscripts enabled it looks like the button does take the user to the Alipay website and appears to send the details over correctly.

  • Hey Matt,

    Thanks for checking on behalf of our fans in the UK!

    :) Rhana


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