Welcome to AdBlock's Love Letters Forum!

Hi there!

Our fans love to share their experiences with AdBlock, and we love to hear them! Now your stories have a home of their own in our Love Letters forum. Feel free to drop us a quick thank-you note, tell us how AdBlock has made a difference in your online life, or just say hi!

To make sure suggestions for new features and trouble reports don't get lost in all the love, we have separate homes for them.

  • If you have a great idea you think will make AdBlock even better, head over to our Feature Requests forum.

  • If something isn't working and you need some help, please open a support ticket and we'll do our best to get you back on track.

    Note: Please don't post a trouble report in our Feature Requests forum. Our one-person support team doesn't get into the forums nearly as often as she'd like to, and our response may be delayed.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

:) Rhana

AdBlock Community Manager

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