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Payment to YOU!

I would like to pay you but I have no creditcard, so Iwld suggest Ideal and you'll get paid. Noy everybody has a creditcard in Europe.


こんにちは 発自摸太郎 ,

あなたの提案をありがとう! 私たちはより多くの支払いオプションを提供するよう努めています。 私たちはすぐに発表することを願っています!

Hi Hirota,

Thanks for your suggestion! We are working to provide more payment options. We hope to make an announcement soon!


AdBlock Community Manager

Hi Kees,

We're happy you're enjoying AdBlock. Thanks for wanting to support our work! We're looking into offering additional ways to donate that don't necessarily require a credit card. Please follow our social media pages (FacebookTwitter, or Google+and AdBlock's Blog for announcements!

In the meantime, you can still support us by giving AdBlock a good review in your browser's extension store. You can also tell all your friends about AdBlock! There are a lot of copycats out there. Be sure to tell them to get it from our website,, so they get the right one. :)

Warm regards,

Rhana Cassidy

AdBlock Community Manager

You can also use a debit card instead of a credit card. I only have a debit card myself, but I was still able to donate with that.

@Rhana - could you update the help guides to mention that debit cards should also work in place of a credit card?

Hey Matthew,

Good point. I keep forgetting that "debit cards" aren't synonymous with "credit cards," since that's the way I use mine! LOL

:) Rhana

AdBlock Community Manager

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