dankunga - thanks

yeah finally we can block facebook advertisment (: very nice .... thanks for all of your work i am very happy with it and tell my people to use it ... i am not able to spend right now but time to spend will come soon and then i think of you lovely people ... have great time 

life = receive & give 

love and freedom 


  • Hi Attila,

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to write! We're so happy we've been able to make your Internet day a little brighter. :)

    We understand that not everyone who wants to pay for AdBlock is able to. Pay when you can, if you like, and in the meantime, you can still support us by giving AdBlock a good review in your browser's extension store. You can also tell all your friends about AdBlock! There are a lot of copycats out there. Be sure to tell them to get it from our website, https://getadblock.com, so they get the right one. :)

    Stay awesome!


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • "life = receive & give" Absolutely! Totally agree w you Attila. Gotta support these good folks, they got bills too hehe. Cheers


  • Hey Doran,

    Thanks so much for all the love!

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

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