Could AdBlock integrate with my AdBlock Support account in the future?

Hi Rhana!

This one's the idea I mentioned in #16042, and I think it could be a useful one for AdBlock users like myself, as a regular contributor to the AdBlock Support system it would be quite handy for me.

Is there a possibility of connecting or integrating the AdBlock Support system with AdBlock itself? For instance, I could log into my AdBlock Support account here on the website as normal, but could also log into my AdBlock Support account within AdBlock itself or the upcoming "Project Sprint" and any new updates on Support Tickets, Forum Posts, KB alerts etc could be "delivered" directly to AdBlock in my browser and have AdBlock alert me to said updates from my AdBlock Support account.

Perhaps also the ability that could be unlocked with the cross-platform login, could allow the AdBlock Support system to automatically/one-click pull in useful AdBlock Diagnostic or Debug data when I submit a Support Ticket (with user approval) could also allow the team to collect anything else that might be useful for a report more quickly, which might help solve some Tickets even faster. :)

Or even the ability to Auto-Login to AdBlock Support when visiting the site from a browser where AdBlock is already logged into my AdBlock Support account, so I'd never forget to login!

For this aspect, it might be possible to "extend" the current AdBlock Support accounts (and any Google, Facebook or Twitter OAuth credentials linked to them) to AdBlock itself for even faster AdBlock AND AdBlock Support logins and account management on all sides :) If you also link this up with "Project Sprint" as I call it, you could even make it easier to manage and support access for those users too :)

  • Hi Matthew,

    I think this is a really neat idea. We're looking at new features to offer. I'll add this one to the list. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Yes i see this lovely
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