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thank you guys for making this.

i use adblock almost everyday and i wish i could give you something to say thank you but i have bills and groceries to get but thank you for releasing this software for free and only requesting money instead of demanding it i really appreciate it you do a really good job making it and maintaining ithave a marvelous day and hopefully i can send some money someday in the future you guys are awesome

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 I've done a small payment,in the past,and will do so again soon.

Thank you all for this wonderful tool.I recommend you to everyone.(even got a,'so now you're an ad by recommending a way to stop them', comment.LoL.

I don't know if anyone I've sent to you has paid.I would hope so.

 I go onto FB sometimes,and have never had an add.I go to Yutube constantly,and am likewise ad-less,and this is where I recommend you the most often,when online.(I have a huge group of Family and always tell about you to them.)

 Thank you all;


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