thank you guys for making this.

i use adblock almost everyday and i wish i could give you something to say thank you but i have bills and groceries to get but thank you for releasing this software for free and only requesting money instead of demanding it i really appreciate it you do a really good job making it and maintaining ithave a marvelous day and hopefully i can send some money someday in the future you guys are awesome

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  •  Donating what I can, when I can to this great service. Thanks Adblock team!

  • Hi Marben,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write. AdBlock will be around for a long time to come (/me searches for wood to knock on)! We're happy you're enjoying AdBlock, and best wishes for the success of your studies! :)

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hello! I'm currently a student, and my parents don't have a credit card. I'm really grateful for this program. I may not be able to donate now, but I will ensure that sometime in the future I will donate as much as I can (if AdBlock still exists.)

    Currently, though, all I can give is my appreciation for this add-on. 

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  •  I've done a small payment,in the past,and will do so again soon.

    Thank you all for this wonderful tool.I recommend you to everyone.(even got a,'so now you're an ad by recommending a way to stop them', comment.LoL.

    I don't know if anyone I've sent to you has paid.I would hope so.

     I go onto FB sometimes,and have never had an add.I go to Yutube constantly,and am likewise ad-less,and this is where I recommend you the most often,when online.(I have a huge group of Family and always tell about you to them.)

     Thank you all;


  • Hi Paul,

    Wow. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I'm going to share them with the rest of the team. You'll make their day, too. What a lovely way to start the week!

    Will must be a very lucky young man indeed.

    Warmest regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • A small P.S.:

    I'm bowled over by the fact that you take time out to answer all the mail you get, what a lovely service. It's clearly indicative of who you all are, what your beliefs & motivations are (as well as Adblock itself being an indicator of how capable you are), & I can only applaud your humanity.

    Please, keep it up. We hear, all the time, about how this or that app creator has been bought out by some corporate *******s & made millions in the process, but you've lovingly produced a fine piece of work that actually blocks out many of those selfsame corporate, or wannabe corporate, *********s, & you've done it with absolutely no assurance that your work would be financially rewarded, so massive kudos to you for it. I'm very proud of you, that you're out there, in effect & in your own way working against the system. 

    Peace, my friends, & long may you prosper.

  • Hi, Guys,

                  I simply want to thank you all for producing such an invaluable tool. It's people, selfless, generous people like yourselves that I always envisaged, when I 1st started computing on my old (well, new then) Amiga 500 back around 1992, when the 'net itself was still, basically, a collection of bulletin boards & the like, the computing world would be all about.

                 Anyway, my point: I've recently installed Adblock on the 4 separate browsers I use but, as yet, I'm in no position to send you any kind of payment. I'm a strong believer in giving something back when someone does something good for you, which you all have most certainly done, so I want to assure you that as soon as it's possible I WILL be forwarding a payment. You've more than earned it, & I thank you for making my computing life that much easier.

                 Peace, people, and, again, my sincere thanks,





  • Hi Abuelahada,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write. We absolutely love knowing we've made a difference for you.

    By the way, since AdBlock is free, you're welcome to install it anywhere you need to without paying again. Not to in any way discourage you from donating... :D

    Warm regards,


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Hi, I LOVE this.  I had AdBlock on my previous computer, and had no idea what a mess I was missing until I got a new laptop.  I donated $10 to get a copy for the laptop, but when I saw how improved things were, I went back and donated another $15.  Thanks for making this product and for your trust policy.  This is how the world should run. 


  • Hi Rocio,

    Oh, believe me, we have all been in no holds-barred cage matches with the family budget! I'm sure you'll come out victorious in the end, bloodied, perhaps, but unbowed. :) In the meantime, please don't give donating a second thought. We'll be here when you're ready!

    You're pretty awesome, too!

    :) Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Thank you so much AdBlock!!! You are so good I had already forgotten there are ads everywhere but in my laptop since my friend installed it.

    I will definitely donate within a couple of months since I am struggling with my budget right now.

    I really appreciate your work. Thanks a lot.

     Keep it up, you awesome team!!!


  • Hi Studette40,

    Thank YOU! We're very happy you're there, too. Believe me, no donation is too small. We're grateful for every one and we appreciate you more than we can say. :)

    Stay awesome!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Wanted to say Thank You and although my £5 donation is not a lot it is all I can afford and I am glad I could give you something as your product is wonderful and I am happy you are there! I forget on other computers that they don't have Adblock and it is very disturbing seeing just how many there are! So Thank You so very much for all your hard work and please know people appreciate it very much!

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  • Hey Doran,

    Folks like you and Typkena make my job so much easier and a lot more fun!

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Team ADBLOCK! A round of applause for Rhana working hard to answer as many of us as possible! :) Cheers


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