Guys,  how about looking at a sync option to allow blocks and settings to be shared across devices using same ad block acct?

FFX and chrome already have this and its a damned godsend.  

Im running a desktop, a laptop, a tablet and 2 android phones. Its a real pain when im blocking an advert for the nth time.

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  • Hi Rubbish.dump2,

    I know, I couldn't live without sync in Chrome! As a matter of fact, we have introduced a sync feature in our brand-new AdBlock Premium product. AdBlock Premium is still in beta release, but it may suit your needs and we'd love to have your feedback.

    AdBlock Premium is US$4.99 per year and you can try it free for seven days. If you'd like to give it a try, you can install it here:

    Keep in mind that AdBlock Premium only runs on desktop computers.

    Hope this helps!

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi there @Rubbish.Dump2

    I've been helping Rhana and the team with the testing and bug fixing of AdBlock Premium over the Summer, and I can say that the AdBlock Premium Sync feature works perfectly for me AND it works with Chrome Sync for a double bonus!

    If you decide to try out AdBlock Premium, you're very welcome to try it for free for 7 days. If you like it, you can buy the full year in under 2 minutes - a button in AdBlock Premium will get you started :) You can wait until the free trial is over before buying it, but you can also buy it anytime during the trial - or as soon as you install if you want to!

    Don't forget to keep the email receipt safe as it will have your license key and you'll need it to install on your devices! If you ever lose the email don't worry, Rhana can still help you recover it :)

    The moment you install and link up AdBlock Premium on each your devices to your License Key, AdBlock Premium will instantly turn on the AdBlock Sync feature, so your Settings, Blocks, Filter Lists and Custom Filters etc will always be synced up with your compatible devices.

    You'll need to manually copy over your Settings and Custom Filters from AdBlock Free to AdBlock Premium as AdBlock Premium can't automatically copy them from AdBlock Free right now, but you only need to copy them into AdBlock Premium using one of your linked devices, and AdBlock Premium will take over from there so this would be the last time you'd need to do this :)

    Right now, AdBlock Premium doesn't have a way to link up with your AdBlock Support account you're using for the Forums and Support Tickets, but you never know maybe one day it will ;)

    Oh, and one other thing! You may have noticed a new tickbox on the Support Ticket system, and your AdBlock Support account, like this one in my own AdBlock Support profile (with my email address hidden):

    AdBlock Support Profile

    And on a Support Ticket I'm writing right now!


    If you have AdBlock Premium, make sure to tick these two boxes in your AdBlock Support account! This unlocks your access to the AdBlock Premium Support Queue, for even faster replies by Rhana!

    It's $4.99 a year for unlimited devices too :) As long as you don't use your own Key to install AdBlock Premium on an entire School or Company Network or give your Key to 1,937 friends you're good to go :)

  • Exactly. Thanks for the assist, Matthew! :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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