I think if everybody a small amount it would suffice. Some of us don't have a lot of money. Please do away with the grading system. Thank you.

  • Hi Mark,

    Are you referring to the suggested amounts on our payment page? They're offered as a convenience, nothing more. Everyone is welcome to enter a custom amount, or of course, not to pay anything at all. :)


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  • What I'm referring to is the score you get after you contribute. You can't say thanks so much and then give a "D". Some of us are poor and that's all we can afford. 

  • Hi Mark,

    Do you mean this page?


    Oh my goodness, I'm sorry for the confusion! That's not a grade. Before there were emoticons, you could only use the characters on the keyboard to create smiley faces, frowny faces, and so on. That symbol... :D ... is an old-style smiley face, the equivalent of this:
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