Dropping you a line.

On your page requesting my financial support (which I gave), you asked me to drop you a line.  Whew!  What a pain in the butt just to get to the point where I can drop you a line!  What I wanted to say is that a lot of news sites now detect that I have AdBlock and refuse to let me continue unless I put AdBlock in disable mode.  Are you working on a way to make AdBlock less detectable?  Because on those sites, which are increasing in number, your service is useless.  Thanks for letting me "drop you a line."

  • Hi!

    We're sorry for the inconvenience! We'll be correcting that link soon to make it easier to reach us by email. Thanks for pointing it out, and thanks so much for your support!

    We're aware that more and more sites are requiring visitors to disable their ad blockers. We have to tread a fine line there. We don't want to deprive good sites of revenue they need to stay in business. At the same time, we have an obligation to our users who expect us to block ads as much as possible. Please see this article in our Knowledge Base for some suggestions that should help.


    AdBlock Community Manager

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