Possible to block facebook likes/reactions etc?

I couldn't find anything specifically related to this in the knowledge base, so figured I'd ask in case someone's managed to do it or has a list that can.

Basically, I would really like to know if there's a way of stopping those stupid posts on my facebook feed that say "XXX Reacted to this" or "XXX Commented on this" 

I don't mind seeing that sort of stuff in the little section at the top right of the page (above your messenger contacts) but I don't need to see if in my feed as well. I only want to see things that people post or share. 

Anyone tried to do this before? 

  • Hi Welbot,

    Have you tried these additional filter lists to weed out Facebook annoyances?


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi Rhana,

    Yes I have added those filter lists, and they did remove some of the stuff I was hoping to weed out, but they don't seem to pick up things like "Suggested Post" entries (ads in disguise - though these I managed to get rid of with another Chrome extension) and they also don't seem to have any effect on things like when people like, comment or react to other people's posts. Unfortunately telling facebook to hide the posts doesn't seem to learn that I don't want to see them. 
    It's the only real annoyance I have at the moment as the filters were successful in getting rid of a lot of the stuff I didn't want, but I have yet to find a good method to stop these things showing up. 
    I don't need to be seeing when someone likes a page or post on some lame meme page. I really only want to see posts made by my friends, or if they choose to share a post from someone else. 
    I mean, what's the point of even having a share function if simply liking a post makes it show up in your friends feed? ;)

  • Ah, we should all be asking Facebook's news feed algorithm wizards that question (one of many we should be asking)!

    As for those sponsored posts (AKA ads), AdBlock can block them in some browsers. Where we can't, the Fluff Busting Purity extension can (and it looks as though you've already discovered it). We have more information in this article in our Knowledge Base.

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Actually it wasn't the purity one, rather a Chrome extension called Adblocker for Facebook. It's very minimal which is what I wanted given I've managed to block most of the other garbage via your app :) 
    I have asked facebook about whether it's possible to filter stuff like that out of our feeds, but their only suggestion was to unfollow them, which is just dumb. There is a privacy setting within your own profile that tells it not to show your likes to other people, but I'm not sure if that only applies to pages you like, or anything. It's highly unlikely that we're going to be able to get every friend to turn it off though. 
    The annoying thing is, there used to be a way to filter them out. By clicking on the friend button in their profile, you could uncheck Likes and comments, and they wouldn't show up, but now those options are gone. I was hoping there would be a way I could make Adblock look for the text at the top of the "story" in my feed, and if it says "* reacted to this" or "* liked this" or "* commented on this", it would then remove the item. I'm not familiar enough with the filter syntax though.

  • Hi welbot,

    Ah, thanks for clarifying which extension that is. Did you try using our manual blocking wizard on the posts you wanted to block? It's a quick way to write custom filters for specific sites. You might still need to tweak the syntax a bit, but it might be worth looking into.


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  • I did try using the block bit, and tweaking the slider, but it always seems to end up taking out more than i want. I will check out your link on tweaking the syntax though. Perhaps I'll have a bit more like with that. Fingers crossed anyway :)  Cheers for the link. That's possibly just what I was looking for in order to figure out my own block filters :)

  • Hi welbot,

    You're welcome. I'll keep my fingers crossed that that guide proves helpful! :)


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  • turn off adblocker

  • Adblock seems to be blocking likes when my friends like my pictures. My pictures added recently have no likes but I get messages that they were liked by whichever friends liked them, but I cant see the likes on the posts.

  • Hi Rosanne,

    My apologies for the delay. I don't check the forums very often. When you're having an issue, it's better to open a support ticket. :)

    Please try the troubleshooting steps in this article: https://help.getadblock.com/solution/articles/6000061205-a-web-page-doesn-t-work-or-looks-wrong-with-adblock-on

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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