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Block Google Search Results that are Ads

When I do a Google Search I wish AdBlock could remove the companies that paid to be on top.  Sometimes there are so many of them that the search results are almost useless.  The snapshot below better describes what I am talking about.



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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the suggestion! It's already there. Just unsubscribe from the Acceptable Ads filter in AdBlock's options, FILTERS LISTS tab. :)


AdBlock Community Manager

I'm unsubscribed and I'm still seeing these ads 

Hi Armando,

Please open a ticket and include debugging information. Thanks!

Warm regards,

Rhana Cassidy

AdBlock Community Manager

That’s a helpful share. I was seeking the information on exactly this topic. Thanks a ton for providing the easy solution here. I too use online marketing methods but it is just not easy to get the target audience so I am recently learning facebook ad management. Hoping that it is going to help me with the increase in sales.

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