Block Google Search Results that are Ads

When I do a Google Search I wish AdBlock could remove the companies that paid to be on top.  Sometimes there are so many of them that the search results are almost useless.  The snapshot below better describes what I am talking about.



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  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the suggestion! It's already there. Just unsubscribe from the Acceptable Ads filter in AdBlock's options, FILTERS LISTS tab. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • I'm unsubscribed and I'm still seeing these ads 

  • Hi Armando,

    Please open a ticket and include debugging information. Thanks!

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • That’s a helpful share. I was seeking the information on exactly this topic. Thanks a ton for providing the easy solution here. I too use online marketing methods but it is just not easy to get the target audience so I am recently learning facebook ad management. Hoping that it is going to help me with the increase in sales.

  • Hi,

    This seems to be a common issue, or at least there is some pattern that it follows. I am a software developer and use many computers, along with different images of Windows and on all systems I use it would seem that I see these ad links on multiple search engines and multiple browsers (bing, google, duckduckgo; Chrome, Firefox, Opera) with the allow acceptable ads option disabled and the Anti-circumvention setting enabled (though I am not stating that I believe that to be part of the issue).

    The major issue with these ad links for me is that browsers have made it so that you must use a search box of sorts to type in a site name. So for example if I type gmail into bing the ad link comes up first. Clicking the ad link creates a revenue issue since it is an ad click, when there was no intended ad-clicking, simply navigation to the site. Browser autocomplete "features" have become so offensive that this happens often since, for example, type gmail into your browser's URI box and it wants to autocomplete to a page under the domain. Horrible behavior of browsers, this causes folks to type a short name which ends up searching rather than navigating, and then we have these ad links.

    It's a drain on the public internet the way these search links work. I am a software developer and would be willing to help in any reasonable way that I can to determine the cause, resolution, and implementation if your team could use the help.

  • Hi Pv9685,

    Thanks for the offer! Would you mind opening a ticket and including debug information? Thanks!

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hi. 

    I would also be interested in blocking these adverts. I have already unsubscribed to the acceptable ads list and I still see them. 


  • I found recently that it appears to be the browser not allowing access to the search results page, and in Opera I believe I had to enable that. I assume this is because some viruses may want to inject bad links into your search results.

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