Circumvent sites that say we have AdBlock!!??

I would like it if you could hide AdBlock from sites.  If you can do this I will donate to your cause.  I love AdBlock.  I just hate when video streaming sites say to some effect that you have an ad blocker enabled and you need to disable it to continue watching.  if you get sites to stop that I will donate.!!!!!!

  • Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for your suggestion! Pretty much the only way to hide the fact that you're using an ad blocker is to turn off JavaScript in your browser. That prevents the site's test from running, since most of the tests for ad blockers use JavaScript.

    BUT all is not lost! We have several suggestions, one or more of which will help get you to the content that's being blocked. Please see this article in our Knowledge Base. :)

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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