Including wildcards in custom blocks

If a certain page has a number of adds, all with the general structure


where the xxxx are randomized to prevent adblockers, how can i make a filter that blocks everything with that general structure?

I've tried the regular wildcard


but it doesn't work. How is this supposed to be done? Or is it not possible? In the latter case, this is an urgently needed feature, for this exact method with randomized parts is utilized everywhere as an adblock counter nowadays.

  • Hi!

    You're right; randomly generated resource IDs are being used more and more to counter ad-blocking. In these cases, wild cards don't help. The ads are being fetched using JavaScript, which can do more complicated things that get around blocks like "*.gif."

    There are custom filters that can block this kind of ad, most of the time. They're tricky to discover, though. You can study the filter list syntax guide and cheat sheet to start writing your own. The best way is to search the EasyList forum for the domain where you're seeing this kind of ad. You may find custom filters have already been suggested, or if not, one of the list authors may be able to suggest some.

    Happy hunting! :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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