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Adblock Premium for Microsoft Edge

Why when I do a search for adblock premium it only mentions Google Chrome? Why isn't it available for Microsoft Edge. I don't know what happened to google Chrome it used to be my favourite browser but now I have so many issues with it. A lot of the time Videos will not start in Google Chrome but I try the same page in Edge and the video works right away. 

stupid site. I am not asking for a Feature Request but it has an red asterisk's and won't let me leave it blank or type in my own post in Topic so don't complain that its in the wrong location on the forum 

  • Hi Ryan,

    AdBlock Premium is our brand-new paid product, just released this month. We're limiting it to Chrome for now. If the Chrome product proves to be as popular as we hope it will be, we'll port it over to our other platforms. :)

    Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

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  • So, you are telling me, that you have nothing to block ads on Microsoft Edge as of right now, correct?

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  • Hi Bill,

    AdBlock Premium is only available in Chrome for now. Our free product, AdBlock, has been available on Microsoft Edge since Edge started supporting extensions.

    Visit our website,, in Edge and click GET ADBLOCK NOW. That will take you to AdBlock in the Windows Store, where you can install it like any other Edge extension. We also have instructions for installing AdBlock if you need more help.

    Warm regards,


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • why not supposed my web pleiss just do it

  • Hi Sohag,

    I'm not sure what you're asking. Would you mind opening a ticket at so that we can dig into your request a little deeper?



    AdBlock Community Manager