How do I tell AdBlock to block ads?

Hey, so I think this question for you guys will be kinda odd, but how do I tell AdBlock to block ads? I know I can add sites to whitelist that will prevent from blocking ads but I would like to do it in a reversed way. I don't like AdBlock really, I don't mind ads, but some of the websites are displaying very annoying ads and I would like to search them without frustration, so I would like to add just these websites to the list to tell Adblock to block ads there. 

Sorry for bad English from advance, I hope that my question is understable.

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  • Hi Bartosz,

    Your English is terrific, so no worries! AdBlock normally runs in what we call "blacklist" mode, blocking ads everywhere except on sites where you want to allow ads. You can also run AdBlock in "whitelist" mode, which does what you want to do: allow ads everywhere except on sites where you specifically tell AdBlock to block ads.

    We have instructions for putting AdBlock into whitelist mode in this Knowledge Base article, How do I tell AdBlock NOT to block ads? Read the section "Run AdBlock in whitelist mode to always show ads everywhere except on some sites," near the bottom of the article.

    If you need any assistance, feel free to open a ticket at :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Very good app
  • I wanted to block unwanted ads to my Gmail and Yahoo accounts through you. You had offered this as a free service but do not see any effect . I am continuing to receive bunches of ads specially to my Yahoo a/c.if you can pl stop these unnecessary ads to my mail.

  • Hi Bibekananda,

    Would you mind opening a ticket on our support site, Please include the debugging information from the SUPPORT tab in AdBlock's options and a screenshot of the ads. Thanks!

    Warm regards,


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • I tried to use Adblock (or Premium AdBlock), but nothing changed. All the ads continue to stream in.

    Please could you help me to actually block the ads.

    Many thanks,

    Peter Reddaway 

  • Hi Peter! Please reach out to us at for anything support related. Thank you!

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