New feature for Cashback use : Disable AdBlock for a time period


I am experiencing several cashback websites the last few days and I did not find any option to disable Adblock just during a short period i.e during the time I order on a website in order to be tracked (for example, to be able to deactivate for 10 minutes. When the time is up, a pop-up would warn us to continue or to reactivate). Indeed, I have to disable AdBlock from Chrome so the icon is not visible anymore on the top screen (what a shame ?). Once I ordered and I quit the relative website, I want to reactivate AdBlock but it's not there anymore. I have to search in the extension to reactivate it. I find it a little tricky to use that way...

Is there any "simple" solution when using cashback to deactivate/reactivate Adblock ?

Thanks for your help on this


  • Hi Fanny,

    There's definitely an easier way. When you click the AdBlock button in the Chrome toolbar, you should see Pause AdBlock. Select that, and AdBlock will temporarily stop blocking ads. When you're ready to start blocking ads again, select Unpause AdBlock.

    Thanks for your suggestion about a timed pause, though. We'll consider this for future releases. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hello Rhana,

    Thanks for your answer but I don't see any "Pause" button when I click on the button Adblock (Red hand in the Chrome toolbar) :


  • Ah! Sorry, I didn't realize you're using AdBlock in French. It's the first option under the "ads blocked" counter: Désactiver AdBlock. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • I occasionally post ads on a Facebook page I edit.  Facebook says that It's better to disable AdBlock while the ad is running.  I use AdBlock pause, but I need to block it for one or two days when my ad is running. How may I do this?

  • Hi Mary,

    We're planning some upgrades to our pause feature in an upcoming release. Hopefully, we'll be able to add a timed pause.

    In the meantime, since AdBlock is automatically unpaused when you launch your browser, you'll need to go on pausing it manually while your ad is running. The alternative is to whitelist Facebook and then remove the whitelist after your ad is done.

    To whitelist Facebook, click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar, select Don't run on pages on this domain, and then click Exclude.

    To remove the whitelist later, visit Facebook, click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar, and select Undo my blocks on this domainIf you don't see that on the menu, select Options. On the CUSTOMIZE tab next to Manually edit your filters, click Edit  Delete any line containing the name of the website. Click Save and reload the page you had whitelisted.

    Hope this helps!

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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