Please let users away from Garbage hot news lists

In fact, China's Internet companies by making a lot of hot news, reviews and get user clicks, resulting in huge Network traffic. And he came to earn advertising fees by Network traffic.

This user-contributed heavily dependent on Network traffic behavior, greatly waste the user valuable time and life, is immoral.

I have found over the years I wasted a lot of time in the browser hot news and reviews, among the endless debate, but later found out, which I did not get any value. I just wasted a lot of time on the Internet, and caused great anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder of information.

So I use your software, shielding the hot news on a news site, so I feel my world to be quiet and free. I found that 99% of information is I don't need to spam

Therefore, the future of the Internet browser or user behavior model may be that Let the user more healthy way to use the Internet. Avoid overwhelming users with endless spam ocean.

Therefore, in addition to advertising, another very important and meaningful thing is shielded spam, especially hot news, reviews, video garbage short, 

there are all kinds of information derived from the following related recommendation, related information. This information will lead to the butterfly effect, causing the user is guided step by step, until it lost even himself unaware. Causing the user to spend a lot of valuable time!

The future, I hope you stronger, thank you! ! Great developers.

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