unblock certain amount of adds

hi guys,

Adblock is good , but lacks a small feature which i think it should have.

well there are a lot of sites which are free to use, but they have to display adds to maintain those sites.

well the sure thing is we hate adds, but it is rude to block every add of a web site.

this will mean , to completely choke a website to death , as if they dont generate any income from their web site then soon after some time they will have to shut the whole website down, so that will be our loss .

so not being soo rude, a good solution is to allow the end user to see 1 or 2 or 3 adds per website by his choice. In this way , firstly , our favorite web site will keep breathing n will not die, and secondly 1 or 2 adds will not kill us, as we will be choosing the number of adds to see.

add block has an option to completely block or unblock all advertisement from certain website, while my idea is to let the final user like me to allow 1 or 2 as desired (tolerable) number of adds to be visible per web site.

its helps both , the website owners and also the add blocking person like me.

Pls Consider my idea, thanks in advance.

  • Hi Muhammad,

    Thanks for your suggestion! Maintaining the balance between a good user experience and choking off funding to good content creators is something we struggle with every day ourselves. That'sĀ why we participate in the Acceptable Ads program, which allows a few unobtrusive ads on most websites as a way to support them.

    To learn more about the program and what kinds of ads are "acceptable," please visitĀ https://acceptableads.org. If you'd like to give this a try, click the AdBlock button in your browser toolbar, select Options, and on the GENERAL tab enable Allow some non-intrusive advertising.


    AdBlock Community Manager

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