On including ad blocking in Chrome

This week The Wall Street Journal broke the news that Google is considering adding an ad-blocking feature to its Chrome browser―but don't call it an ad blocker. If it happens, what does it mean for Google and Facebook (the two biggest online advertising platforms in the world), advertisers, publishers, consumers, and the makers of third-party ad blockers? AdBlock CEO Matt Maier explains why AdBlock and its friendly rivals should welcome, not fear, Google's entry into the war on bad ads.

On including ad blocking in Chrome

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  • Rhana,

    I know it might not be the best place to speak about an issue so please help me if there is a better way.

    I'm no tech at all but like everyone else annoyed by too many ads, actually I'm a doctor. I use Adblock very often to hide distracting elements in some websites, not all of them though. 

    There are some websites that cover the whole page with a shield and Adblock is unable to do anything about them. I found a way to block ads using the Google Chrome Inspect Element which allows me to go deep down under the skin and find out the frame or element and then add it manually to the list.

    However as I don't know any computer sciences I just try to make the filter line the same as automatically created ones.

    1. Is there anyway to send the element from Google Chrome Inspect section directly to the adblock list?

    2. let me know if there is any other way around this issue. a sample website with such shield is zoomit.ir


  • Hi Stephen,

    The best way to get help is to open a ticket, which I see you've done. :)


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  •  Rhanda, I want to make a complaint. Where can I do that that is proper for you? you say you don't want complaints. But you are blocking my purchases and I find that a major problem. Reply NOW, please.

  • Hi Barbara Ann,

    Like anybody, we would rather hear compliments than complaints, but we encourage any kind of feedback. :)

    We're sorry you've run into trouble with AdBlock. Can you please open a ticket on our help desk so that we can look into what's going on? We're better able to help you there. Thanks!


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Should I have Pop-up Blockers on or off on my yahoo mail

  • Hi Anne,

    That's a personal preference. Most folks prefer to keep their browser's built-in pop-up blocker on. You can always allow exceptions when needed. For instructions, enter "allow pop-ups" and the name of your browser in your favorite search engine.

    Hope this helps!

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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