A how to guide to ad blocking

Ever wonder how AdBlock and other ad blockers know what content to block (ads) and not block (everything else)? In Part 1 of our series on ad blocking methods, AdBlock Community Manager Rhana Cassidy discusses the filter lists that give ad blockers their mojo.

A how to guide to ad blocking

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  • Hi Mayra,

    You're very welcome! I'm glad you found the article helpful. :)

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Thanks for the valuable info.

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  • Hehehe, this Blastoise186 has sensed a question about Filter Lists :)

    I'm not one of the team myself, but I do have a few tricks when it comes to AdBlock.

    The basics of Filter Lists aren't too complicated - but you can go really deep if you wanted to! Be advised please that you can break sites if you're not careful, so please undo any changes if things go wrong!

    Here's a simple one that gets rid of the Google Logo on their homepage: www.google.co.uk##IMG[id="hplogo"]

    If (like me!) you're the kind of person who likes to experiment with Filter Lists, please do feel free to check out the article Rhana wrote at This Support Article

    Hope that helps!


    p.s. Sorry Rhana but I somehow broke Project Sprint while getting an example for this one!

  • Hi jhm,

    Right now, our iOS app doesn't include the ability to blacklist individual page elements. It's on our list. :)

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Is it possible to block elements in AB mobile? Specifically, I want to block a gif (not an ad) from running on a site. I am using Safari.
  • Hey Matthew,

    Done and done and thanks for the update, explanation, and examples! Check out the revised article here: https://help.getadblock.com/solution/articles/6000148339-i-m-seeing-ads-on-twitch-tv

    Give me a shout if I got anything wrong!

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hey there!

    As a heavy Twitch user myself (and a Channel Moderator and Channel Editor for a few Streamers) from my own experiences I find the easiest way to banish the Ads on Twitch is via Twitch Prime or a Channel Sub, the details are in the article Rhana has linked in her reply above and my Tips have also been added there. :)

    I don't stream myself, but I am a pretty experienced Twitch user so I'm more than happy to give you a bit more insight into the system.

    @Rhana please do feel free to condense my reply down and add it to the Twitch article if you'd like to :)

    If you have Amazon Prime anyway, then you can just hook that up to your Twitch account and the Ads will be gone instantly - please note you might have to Reload/Refresh any Twitch pages you've got open to force-update your status in either case! Only takes a few seconds and you'll be back on the Stream in a matter of seconds.

    As a quick reminder to anyone reading this, I also wanted to mention that while Twitch Prime and/or Channel Subs can remove Ads from Twitch - either for just the Channels you Sub to or everywhere on Twitch (depending on your choices) - they cannot remove Ads/Sponsorships/Affiliate Deals that the Streamer themselves is broadcasting.

    I'll try to give you an example of how the system works "in action" as I think it might help. I don't stream myself and any "product ads" in my Reply here are just ones I made up for this purpose and don't actually exist (or at least I hope they don't!)

    Say for example you were watching my Stream and Twitch served up an Ad to non-Subs/Prime users for "The new and improved Blastoise186 Jelly Beans, the best Jelly Beans, you would ever find" you would see it if you were not Twitch Prime enabled or had a Channel Sub.

    But if you were either Subscribed to me (TIP: Twitch Subscriptions are NOT the same thing as a YouTube Subscription, you'll want to use Twitch Follow if you'd like to be alerted when a Streamer goes live!) and Twitch served up said Ad, you would not see one :)

    However, if I was to do some kind of "Sponsored Stream" - and please bear in mind that the Streamer is required to inform you about these - and I was showing off "the new and improved AdBlock Sunglasses, the AdBlock you love... now with Real World ad-blocking" within my stream itself, then I'm afraid Twitch cannot prevent you from seeing it because the Ad is within my Stream content itself and isn't controlled by Twitch. As far as Twitch is aware, that is my content and I am the one controlling it.

    Also, just as a quick 101 for anyone who doesn't know what OBS - aka Open Broadcaster Software Studio - is a free program (others also exist as well!) that helps a Streamer by running the number crunching and other techy stuff needed to get their Streams into Twitch.

    Hope that helps you guys!

    @Rhana oh that reminds me, could you remove the HTML5 suggestion from the Twitch article please? Because Twitch has pretty much disabled Adobe Flash and enabled HTML5 across the platform for just about everyone (and because Flash Player is getting locked down further as of July 2018 when Chrome 68 will require Approval to run Flash Player for every Site and will "forget" the Approvals every time the user restarts Chrome) the suggestion is no longer useful. Thanks!

  • Hi Dexter,

    Please try the suggestions in this article in our knowledge base: I'm seeing ads on Twitch.tv

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Could anyone please provide advice or link to blocking the current generation of Twitch.tv ads.

    It's been like this for about ten days now, I don't think the broadcaster is directly applying the ad inside the broadcast/OBS software. These exact same types of ads were being blocked correctly 11 days ago roughly, they must have gotten around adblock?

  • Thank you,is it connected.???
  • Hi Lavonbud,

    Thanks for the tip! This is one of the suggestions in our article, I turned off AdBlock or whitelisted a site (or I don't have an ad blocker) but the site still asks me to turn off my ad blocker. It wasn't as clear as your instruction, however, so I expanded our tip using yours. :)

    Stay awesome,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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  •  On Firefox Quantum 59.0.1, when I go to foodnetwork.com a banner comes up on the bottom and tells me to turn off my ad blocker. I whitelisted the site but to no avail. Adblocker banner still came up. After much investigation, discovered i needed to uncheck the "DoNot Track" button. Even when the sight was whitelisted or adblock was turned off for the site the banner still appeared. Unchecking DoNot Track SOLVED the problem. Foodnetwork.com is the only site i have noticed this on so far.

  • Hi!

    Please try disabling "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" in AdBlock's options. If you're still seeing ads, it could be because some websites require additional custom filters to block their ads, especially in Chrome. Ads can also be injected by malware, which no ad blocker can block.


    Here are some things you can check: https://help.getadblock.com/solution/articles/6000055490-no-ads-are-blocked


    If those troubleshooting steps don't help, please use our "Report an ad" feature on the page where you're seeing ads. Thanks!

    - Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

  • When I access some website, there are many ads appear, this is uncomfortable because some ads obscure the text I want to readThanks for sharing the way to block ad and the process Adblock act.

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