Your privacy and the case for ad blocking

Online ads can do more than just annoy you. Today's online advertising is also the primary way advertisers identify, track, and target you across every website you visit. AdBlock CEO Matt Maier provides some background and discusses a few ways to protect your privacy online.

Your privacy and the case for ad blocking

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  • Hi Quiclee1,

    Both AdBlock and Adblock Plus work very well. Like all browser ad blockers, we use the same filter lists to block and hide ads. We have some features ABP doesn't offer, such as whitelisting YouTube channels. Check out this article for more information:

    :) Rhana

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    It's also interesting that AdBlock (as in this one, which is now managed by BetaFish) created by Michael Gundlach a loooong time ago, when he noticed the creators of AdBlock Plus (the other one now managed by Eyeo) weren't interested in supporting Google Chrome.

    Yet that AdBlock Plus was inspired by an original project "AdBlock" which was long abandoned, which in itself wasn't really linked to the current AdBlock or AdBlock Plus that were inspired by the "original and now abandoned" version.

    It's a strange thing really, almost like your long lost identical twin ;)

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  • Hey Matthew,

    Pssst! It's "Adblock Plus," not "AdBlock Plus." :D


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  • This will be the least important of all forum comments in the history of unimportant Internet forum comments, ever, but, 

    1. the article / blog post in question is by the CEO, so it kinda counts, and 

    2. nobody knows I'm a cat...


  • Hi Mad Copy,

    Aaaaaugh! Yes, we noticed that error after we published the post, dang it. Ah, the glories of a proofreading fail.

    Also: I love your funny you videos.

    :) Rhana

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