Your privacy and the case for ad blocking

Online ads can do more than just annoy you. Today's online advertising is also the primary way advertisers identify, track, and target you across every website you visit. AdBlock CEO Matt Maier provides some background and discusses a few ways to protect your privacy online.

Your privacy and the case for ad blocking

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Hi Mad Copy,

Aaaaaugh! Yes, we noticed that error after we published the post, dang it. Ah, the glories of a proofreading fail.

Also: I love your funny you videos.

:) Rhana

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This will be the least important of all forum comments in the history of unimportant Internet forum comments, ever, but, 

1. the article / blog post in question is by the CEO, so it kinda counts, and 

2. nobody knows I'm a cat...


Hey Matthew,

Pssst! It's "Adblock Plus," not "AdBlock Plus." :D


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It's also interesting that AdBlock (as in this one, which is now managed by BetaFish) created by Michael Gundlach a loooong time ago, when he noticed the creators of AdBlock Plus (the other one now managed by Eyeo) weren't interested in supporting Google Chrome.

Yet that AdBlock Plus was inspired by an original project "AdBlock" which was long abandoned, which in itself wasn't really linked to the current AdBlock or AdBlock Plus that were inspired by the "original and now abandoned" version.

It's a strange thing really, almost like your long lost identical twin ;)

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Hi Quiclee1,

Both AdBlock and Adblock Plus work very well. Like all browser ad blockers, we use the same filter lists to block and hide ads. We have some features ABP doesn't offer, such as whitelisting YouTube channels. Check out this article for more information:

:) Rhana

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Adblock or adblock plus is the answer to block unwanted ads in any browser. But before using these extensions you want to know which one perform and improve the user experience.

Hi Helenshmelen,

Thanks for the tip!

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Hi Rhana. Absolutely agree with every single word! The onlything which keep me far from spam, besides adblock, is It's an epitome of protection in a social network . Highly recommed!

Hi Matthew,

Great, thanks! I'll add that one to our Knowledge Base article, too, as soon as I get a chance to work on it. :)


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Hey Rhana!

I've located one more Bulk Opt-Out Tool, this one's for the Australian Digital Advertising Alliance or ADAA

Not sure why I didn't mention it before! Again it's good to use this one alongside all the others.

Hi Matthew,

Wow, you've basically written an entire Knowledge Base article for us. I'll get this up and posted ASAP. Thanks so much!!


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Hi Rhana, I think I posted the details, but the post isn't showing yet. Is it still in the Moderation Queue?

Don't worry if it vanished, I can grab them again easily :)


@Rhana here you go:

First the Personalised Ads Opt-Out tools, it's highly recommended to put CatBlock on "Paws mode" (lol) and close down any other tabs in your browser before using them, so that the tools can work properly - but of course make sure to bring CatBlock out of its Cat Nap when you're done. These tools WILL NOT block Ads completely, but will turn off the personalisation (if you clear out cookies you need to repeat this).

NAI Opt-Out

DAA Opt-Out

DAA (Canada) Opt-Out

EDAA Opt-Out

These four are "Meta" or "Super" opt-out tools - they basically let you set bulk opt-outs in a couple of clicks. TIP: Use the Opt-Out tools on ALL FOUR sites for the maximum coverage :) Don't worry, they don't tread on each others feet, and won't interfere with the Opt-Outs from the other three. If an Opt-Out is set by one of them, the other three will respect that. If you currently have "opt-in" status with an ad company, the tools will zap the "opt-in" cookies and toss them into a black hole. They then get replaced with freshly baked Opt-Out cookies. In the event that you don't have either way set yet, the tools will set an Opt-Out anyway.

Also, as promised, I do have the details I mentioned earlier, I am UK based, so it's easier for me to keep track of them.

Please note that these only apply if you are in the UK, your mileage may vary elsewhere.

Got a SPAM text or phone call on your phone? It's really easy to report it.

First things first, if it was a text message, forward the text message to 7726 (which spells SPAM), this is FREE from all UK mobiles. You'll get a reply within a few seconds asking you to reply back with the phone number that sent the message. Simply reply to that message with the phone number that sent the spam, wait for another reply and your report will be sent! ALL messages sent to 7726 from a UK mobile are FREE, even if your phone alerts you otherwise.

If it was a spam call, it's a similar process - firstly, text the work CALL to 7726, when you get a reply back, reply to that message with the phone number that called you, wait for confirmation and you're done.

Not sure how to forward text messages? No problem:

How to forward texts on Android

And on an iPhone

It's also useful to report these pests to the ICO here

It also helps to Register with the TPS


MPS Baby


And the Other FPS

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for that information! Since none of us lives in the UK, we aren't as in touch with the privacy protections available to UK citizens as our friends across the pond are.

If you wouldn't mind providing those links, I'm sure others would find them very helpful. Thank you!

:) Rhana

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Hi Mentorpid,

Blocking the cookies that track your browsing activity is not the same thing as using a VPN. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is like a "tunnel" through the Internet that only you can see. Data passing through that tunnel is basically invisible to the rest of the Internet. A VPN is a vital part of keeping your browsing activity private.

Here's a bonus tip: If you really want to keep your activity private, use a paid VPN. With most "free" online services, if you're not paying for it with a subscription, you're paying for it with something else, and that's usually some or all of your personal data. Think Facebook and Google, and now "free" VPNs. Let the "buyer" beware!


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