Undoing specific blocks made by any filter.

I have recently kept running into an issue where an ad-filter, spesifically EasyList, is presistently picking out features that are necessary for certain pages to function, and blocking them off. 

The accuracy with which it targets key functions (f.eks. first the search bar, and then the page navigator on an imageboard) is occasionally to the extent where I'd suspect the lists are being sabotaged, but that's a developer issue.

What I'd like to see added is, when an unwanted block occurs, the ability to permanently undo a block from any list, just like a custom ad-block applied in reverse. For instance, on the F12 (ctrl+shift+I) consoles adblock tab you can see the filter name, and the list it came from. Having a place where you can choose what filters within a list you do not want would be convenient.

  • Hi Riftepost,

    That's a great suggestion. Depending on which browser you use, you may already by able to do that. AdBlock for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera allow you to see which filter in which list is blocking (or allowing) a resource. If you use Chrome, undoing a block is as easy as clicking a button. You can do it in Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera, too; it's just a bit more complicated.

    We have more information and instructions in this Knowledge Base article.

    Please let us know if this isn't what you have in mind!

    Rhana, AdBlock Community Manager

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