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Just wanted to glad I am to have... AdBlock.....this service WONDERFUL....THANK-YOU...THANK-YOU....!!!

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Hi everybody,

I just learned that every reply in this topic has been forwarded to one of our users for the past couple of months. Oops! I'm going to close this topic to further comments to rescue him from our inadvertent spam.

Anyone who would like to add their own thanks (we'd love to hear from you!) may do so in our new Love Letters forum. :)


AdBlock Community Manager

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Wow, Matthew, thanks so much for that comprehensive list!

Just a couple of minor corrections:

While we're happy to get feature requests, it's better to put them in our Feature Requests forum. We're trying to limit support tickets to problems just to keep our queue manageable.

Speaking of our queue, I blush to confess that I have not read every ticket we've received over the past couple of months. I fell woefully behind on the help desk over the summer. I'm so far behind, in fact, that I was forced to close more than 650 non-urgent tickets that had been waiting for up to two months for us to get to them. Our support team consists of one full-time person (me) and our CEO and graphic designer helping out in their limited spare time. Although we love all of our 60 million-plus users and want to help everyone, we're stretched pretty thin. We've put some new processes in place that should make it easier to stay on top of incoming tickets, and I'm working hard to catch up on the ones already in our queue. So from now on, I'll be reading every ticket! :)

Please don't report issues in our forums. I don't get a chance to visit the forums nearly as often as I'd like to, and you might wait a long time for a response! It's much better to contact us by emailing, opening a support ticket on, or (if your issue is urgent) reaching out to us on Twitter (@getadblock) or Facebook ( 

And you betcha, we love to hear stories about how AdBlock helps to make the Web a little bit nicer place!

:) Rhana
AdBlock Community Manager

Also, for everyone in this thread (and anyone else too), several of you have asked how you can support AdBlock.

There are several ways you can support the project (feel free to use the ones you Like):

  • Tell your friends about it
  • Share it online
  • Suggest ideas for new features here in the Forum or by Support Ticket (Rhana really does read ALL of them!) - it helps to create an account here for this, since it keeps all your posts and tickets all in one place - you can even use your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to create an account and login here with one click (and without needing to know yet another password) :D Rhana can help you link your AdBlock Support accounts to your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts if you already have an account here and didn't link one of the three. @Rhana Try the Users section in the Admin Panel!
  • Report any bugs you find, the team will look at them as soon as possible - Support Ticket, email and Forum requests are all accepted.
  • Donate to the project at The Donate Page
  • Support the team AND get rewarded with AdBlock Premium - for Google Chrome only right now with others coming soon!
  • Tell Rhana your own stories about AdBlock, the team loves to hear them
  • Volunteer!. Even if (like me) you don't know anything about writing code, you can always help with translations, bug reports, fixes or new ideas.
Just a few of them...

Hi Matthew,

Exactly! We'd be thrilled if everyone were SuperFans, but we love each and every one of our loyal friends regardless! :)

And if anyone would like to see articles Matthew has contributed to, just search for "blastoise186" in our Knowledge Base. There are a couple more coming, as soon as I get a moment to write them up.

AdBlock has a long history of fans becoming volunteers. Much of the maintenance back in Michael's day was done by volunteer developers. Volunteers do all of our localizations (except for French, which is handled by our team-mate Antoine). Before I was hired to be AdBlock's very first Community Manager, volunteers manned our help desk. Every single volunteer is listed on our Contributors page, too. (I expect Matthew will be showing up there next time we update that page.) There are lots of ways to support AdBlock!


AdBlock Community Manager

To everyone in this thread, I'm really pleased you find AdBlock so useful. As someone who has used AdBlock right from the very first version when Michael Gundlach was working on AdBlock part-time by himself (and later quit his job to work on AdBlock full time!) I've always been really impressed with how well AdBlock works.

I'm really pleased to hear that you all enjoy using it as well.

I'm not one of the official AdBlock team myself, but I am known as a SuperFan, as I'm very experienced with AdBlock - in fact some of the Knowledge Base articles were written with my support or based on my solutions!

Stay safe out there :) If any of you need help with AdBlock, feel free to reach out to Rhana with a Support Ticket or here on the forum (but if it has private information, a Support Ticket is better), or if you have any great ideas, feedback (good or bad) or just want to say hi to the team, do feel free to post in the Forum anytime :)

Thank you, Rhana, I appreciate it )))

Hi Todivetoday,

You're so very welcome!

And hey, if you dive today, have fun and stay safe out there. :)


AdBlock Community Manager

Thank you, guys, for awesome work and helpful application. 

Hi Audrey,

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. We really appreciate having you in the AdBlock family! :)


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Just installed it today and I love it already. Nothing worse than listening to ads while you're browsing. Mute doesn't work, pause doesn't work and there is no way to close the ad. I'm sorry that I couldn't afford to donate much but I'm 71 and live off of Social Security. EVERYONE should make a donation if they download your product!  Thank you for designing it!

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Thank you so very much! 

Hi Kathy,

First, please accept the condolences of the entire AdBlock team on the loss of your husband. We extra-special-super-duper appreciate your support! But please never feel obligated to pay for AdBlock. When budgets get tight, we prefer our fans support us in other ways, such as telling all their friends to use AdBlock. :)

Second, thanks for letting us know you saw our update announcement. It's sort of an experiment, and we're curious about how well it's been working.

Please keep in touch, and don't hesitate to let us know if there's ever any way we can be of assistance!


AdBlock Community Manager

Hey Rhana, I never registered before, so I decided I should since I like using it. It just had done an update is why I decided to pay when I saw the payment suggestions. I would have paid more (it's worth it) but my hubby passed away 2 months ago and my disability check is all I have now to live on. I must say I'm so happy to have AdBlock!! Thank you!!!

Hi Solgalicia2,

Thanks so much for wanting to support our work! We're happy you're enjoying AdBlock. We understand that not everyone who wants to pay is able to. Pay when you can, if you like, and in the meantime, please continue using AdBlock for free with our blessing.

You can pay at any time on our website at

Also, another great way to support AdBlock is by telling your friends about it! Be sure to tell them to get it from our website,, so they get the right AdBlock.

Just as on your computer, AdBlock only works in a web browser on mobile devices. In the case of iPhones and iPads, that means Safari. If you watch YouTube videos in Safari's mobile browser, you shouldn't see any ads. If you're using the YouTube app, we can't help you, I'm afraid. But all is not lost! There are other ways to block ads on mobile devices. :)


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Hi Jim!

Thanks very much for your support! No payment is too small or goes unappreciated, trust me. :)

And you're very welcome. We're glad we can help make your Internet day a little brighter!


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